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Shop – Comic Book: TheTripleSnout 1 – The Secret of the Boring

– limited to 50 copies only
– numbered and signed
THE TRIPLE SNOUT Vol 1 – The Secret of the Boring
2015 – 2017

Limited first run edition
ISBN: 978-0-473-39032-7

64 pages, fully colored, softcover

All copies are numbered due to the limited print run and in a desperate attempt to increasing its value I will sign them as well.

The idyllic yet undistinguishable lifestyle on the island of Boar-Ville is disrupted when one of its citizens gets blown into many tiny unhealthy pieces by his very own refrigerator.

While the local police are baffled by this unusual occurrence, three young journalists take matters into their own hands and start investigating.

Join Kay, Jess and Tobias in a comedic mystery adventure as they uncover the truth about this sudden passing and learn that there might be more to this case than meets the eye.

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