Legacy of Pliskin 3 Ep1

The Legacy of Pliskin 3 Ep1

Released in August 2009

One thought on “Legacy of Pliskin 3 Ep1”

  1. The first half of the final “Legacy of Pliskin” trilogy was my very last finished flash project and probably my most ambitious one. About 10 months in development the games sheer size bloated up my RAM forcing me to split the game into two parts.

    This game features hand drawn backgrounds, more characters, more lines, more puzzles and minigames. As the story came to a close I ramped up my writing skills and tried to build up to an epic climax that would bring the trilogy full circle (While still very much inspired by the games “Legacy of Kain” and “Monkey Island” I aimed to put my personal spin on the story).

    In the end it turned out I was still to inexperienced to singe handily tackle such a big project and after releasing the first part I started to lose interest and to this day the final part of the series is stuck in limbo.

    Again a very special thanks to the voice talents Edwyn Tiong and Cody Underwood for helping me fixing up the script!

    Every single LoP game was released in August with a pause of 3 years in between. I once actually saw a rumor on the internet that episode 2 was supposedly going to be released August 2012. I thought that was pretty cool…

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