Legacy of Pliskin 2

The Legacy of Pliskin 2

Released in August 2006

One thought on “Legacy of Pliskin 2”

  1. Released three years after my flash debut “Legacy of Pliskin” I had my first notable success with its sequel.

    It was my first serious attempt in creating a competent game experience. I wrote a script, got voice actors, someone who would compose an exclusive main theme song and generally improved the visuals as well as the coding. The entire project took about 3 months.

    In the end the game won me my first original IP daily award on the mayor flashportal newgrounds.com, getting the third place and being featured on the front page for almost a month. Back in the day that was quite the honor and made my swell up with joy.

    Special thanks to the voice talent Edwyn Tiong and Cody Underwood for lending me their awesome voice acting skills and giving me feedback on the script.

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