Released in May 2008

One thought on “Gnomotron”

  1. I believe that every creative individual has that one ambitious project in their lives in which they invest so much blood and tears to the point where they get too emotionally invested, truly believing they created the most amazing piece of art seen by man, only to have their hopes and dreams shattered on the inevitable release in which the criticism tears their project to shreds and they feel the cold palm of reality smacking them in the face.

    “Gnomotron” is my personal face slapper. Having been in development for about 2 years this was suppose to be an epic and humorous shooter. Being a pretentious teenager during that time certainly didn’t help either; therefore I decided to do the voice acting myself and keep the entire game in German with english subtitles.
    Since I concentrated so much on the script and presentation the actual game play was severely neglected.

    After the game bombed and disappeared in to obscurity I felt beaten, worn out and angry at the world.

    In took several weeks to recover from that blow and for my ego to finally accept the flaws in the game. In the end it was an important lesson and I learned to approach my projects with a more opened and self-critical mind.

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