Blitz | FF7 Cloud in Smash Bros Wii U

One thought on “Blitz | FF7 Cloud in Smash Bros Wii U

  1. Introducing a new comic segment: the Blitzcomic!

    From now on when something amazing happens in the world wide intertubes, I’ll scribble away whatever thoughts come into my mind regarding the subject instead of shoehorning in a comic strip between my regular schedule. So enjoy 2 comics in one week. Oh snap!

    The protagonist Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, probably my favourite video game ever, will be a playable character in Nintendo’s All Star brawler “Super Smash Bros”!
    Considering neither he nor FFVII ever actually made it into any Nintendo console his inclusion breaks every possible guideline and makes absolutely no sense at all. But who seriously cares? It’s frickin’ Cloud beating the crap out of Pikachu.
    My body was not ready for this…

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