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  1. Apparently the new Mass Effect game features animation on par with the very first installment from exactly a decade ago.

    But it’s cool, you guys – it’s probably part of the artistic vision by the designers. Otherwise some lonely cynical loser like myself would probably accuse Bioware of being lazy.

    I mean why strive for improvement and help advance videogames as an art form, when you are working on a million-dollar franchise.

    Hm, this makes me sound very bitter and unappreciative about Biowares hard work, doesn’t it? I better elaborate and give bit more context:

    Glitchy or wonky animations don’t bother me per se. I have suspended my disbelief countless times when playing games with stiff animations since the early nineties. Mass Effect in particular was very simplistic in its characters body movements (even for 2007) but that game was released on inferior hardware, was a new IP and most likely had a comparable small budget.

    Apparently Bioware developed this game for 5 years and what really bums me out, and that’s ultimately my point, is despite ‘Andromeda’ being the fourth game in a now lucrative million-dollar franchise backed up by one of the biggest video game companies, the best it has to offer are animations that look virtually interchangeable from those of the first game; arguable even worse. Who looked at this and said, “Yeah, that’s perfectly acceptable. Let’s release it!”?

    I don’t know, but if I were one of the animators working on that title and this was the pinnacle my team was able to achieve, being on par with a 10-year-old game, then I would hang my head in utter shame and choose to live the life of a hermit.

    What an embarrassment.

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