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One thought on “Blitz | Not Enough Space

  1. Ok, I need to let off some steam here.

    Today I found out that my 8GB Nintendo WiiU console has only 4GB of actual HDD space available, because of the mandatory system patches that are needed to run the console.

    I admit I probably should have paid more attention and researched the web before I bought the console, it being my secondary gaming system I simply got it when it was on sale.

    However, for a game giant like Nintendo to develop a console which has less than 50% of its initial storage space left after having installed all the system updates strikes me as a very questionable design choice.

    I mean come on, the consoles standard internal HDD doesn’t even have enough space left to install the update for my only game (which of course is required if I want to use the DLC fighters I’ve purchases online.)

    Guess Nintendo was aware of that and at the very least enabled USB ports so using an external storage device to update the game is a working alternative. Thank god…

    As it turns out “Super Smash Brothers” is the most expensive game I have purchased in quite a while.

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